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***Owners Note:  As a way to help with operating costs and to provide an outlet for certain products we'll recommend or introduce, we have affiliated ourselves with  RADA,  zZounds, ed2go, 4seating  and Tech Armor in hopes to earn a small percentage of purchases made through this website.  We are also under review by Amazon.com for an  "Associate Membership" and have been given temporary status as an associate.  *As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

That said, if we think a product from any company is worthy of mention we will gladly do so whether we profit from it or not.  Our goal is only to be best, by bringing you the absolute best.

OUR AFFILIATIONS with embedded links to our FEBRUARY Eye Catchers.


Amazon Gift Cards are a great choice for any gift, anytime, for anyone.  ( from $25.00 )



Watch movies in the comfort of your home in a  4Seating Cuddle Couch.

ed2 go 

Learning is beneficial. A second language on any resume is an asset.



We've Got



 We promise, it's not the well clothed  young men's shop you may think.  All men should try a pair of their fine handsome shoes.



This set is essential.  Every kitchen should be filled with RADA.


zZounds offers quality equipment for a low price and easy terms. 


Tech Armor  Screen protectors for most  devices and accessories.  


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