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The United States of America Current Administration Order of Succession With Hyperlinks to each profile on Wikipedia.

President of the United States:  Donald J. Trump  Republican Party

1. Vice President   Mike Pence    (R)

2. Speaker of the House of Representatives:  Nancy Pelosi  (D)

3. President pro tempore of the Senate:  Chuck Grassley  (R)

4. Secretary of State:  Mike Pompeo   (R)

5. Secretary of the Treasury:  Steven Mnuchin  (R)

6. Secretary of Defense (Acting): Patrick M. Shanaha (R)

7. Attorney General (Acting) : Matthew Whitaker  (R)

8. Secretary of the Interior:  David Bernhardt  (R)

9. Secretary of Agriculture:  Sonny Perdue  (R)

10. Secretary of Commerce:  Wilbur Ross  (R)

11. Secretary of Labor:  Alexander Acosta  (R)

12. Secretary of Health and Human Services:  Alex Azar  (R)

13. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development:  Ben Carson  (R)

  * * * Secretary of Transportation:  Elaine Chao (R)

14. Secretary of Energy:  Rick Perry  (R)

15. Secretary of Education:  Betsy DeVos (R)

16. Secretary of Veterans Affairs:  Robert Wilkie (R)

17. Secretary of Homeland Security:  Kirstjen Nielsen (I)

* * * Elaine Chow was not a natural born citizen therefor, cannot become president

Order of Succession

The table above details the current presidential order of succession as established by the 1947 presidential succession. The order is determined by the offices. However, the individual in an office must still satisfy the constitutional requirements for the office in order to serve as Acting President. In addition to their political affiliation, clicking on names to learn about each one.