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Local Crime Writer Lilly Nash Releases “Necropsy” Minnesota Author Urges You to     “See For Yourself” In Her Thrilling Debut

With a tantalizing mix of intrigue, revenge, and lighthearted humor, Minnesotan crime writer Lilly Nash escorts readers into the dangerous and bizarre world of protagonist Cathryn Crysler in her debut novel, “Necropsy.”  Full of traditional mystery elements that bring to mind the works of James Patterson, Lawrence Sanders, and John Grisham, “Necropsy” finds Crysler’s relatively safe life forever changed as she investigates the mysterious death of her closest friend.  Abandoned by law enforcement officials and determined to uncover the truth no matter what the costs, Crysler becomes embroiled in a desperate search for answers that eventually lands her not only in a compromising position with the police, but also in the center of a treacherous war between two Organized Crime Families. 

Necropsy is a blend of actual and fabricated events,” Nash says. “I wrote it with             the intent of getting readers caught up in rush of discovering the truth amidst the          face of considerable dangers; the smell, taste, and emotion of that rush was very  important for me to capture.

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