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          True Crime Writer Jeannette Hensby continues to fascinate readers with the re-examination of complex true crime cases, that tend to have sketchy resolutions or have been considered miscarriages of justice.  Hensby takes the time to research the cases of her projects thoroughly, in order to unravel events that were previously adjudicated unjustly, and offer a different sometimes never before considered, alternate conclusion or perspective.  Jeannette Hensby's first book written about a true crime of the past titled, The Rotherham Trunk Murder  was a case of personal interest to her.  When she was about  nine years old her Grand-mother had told her about the crime, and the name of the person who committed it.  Finding an account of the crime in a book, in 2014, she was horrified to discover that the person they hanged was not the person that her grandmother named as the murderer.  Jeannette was also familiar with many of the persons involved in the hanging a man for a crime . . . he did not commit.  After retiring from a life in Social Care and Health Services, she was compelled to look into the matter herself; which turned into a book that details her research with her true life account interspersed throughout The Rotherham Trunk Murder.

* * * Jeannette was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. Her long career in Social Care and Health Services, and as a Director of Mental Health Services in the National Health Service, afforded a very keen insight into psychology. As an avid reader of true crime books, the psychological aspects fascinated her – what drove a person to become a killer was a question she pondered, and why she loved reading them.


While reading a historical book about  a man named Andrew Bagley,  who was hanged for the sexual assault and murder of 16 year old Irene Hart in 1936,  a sudden, frightening notion overcame her as she remembered clearly,  Andrew Bagley  was not the person that her grandmother had named as the killer – Bagley was innocent!  After much research and close examination of the all the evidence, forensic details and questions never asked, a shocking twist of corruption in the London appeals court is uncovered and exposes a person of interest that was overlooked; Could he be Irene Hart's real murderer?


Listen to Jeannette's  interview on Burl Barer's ' True Crime Uncensored' on Outlaw Radio broadcasting live from Los Angeles:   https://bit.ly/2QdsWaM


ON THE 15TH OF NOVEMBER 1912, TWO YOUNG cousins, ten year old Amy Collinson and seven year old Frances Nicholson were brutally murdered on their way home from a rehearsal for a Christmas concert. Amy had also been raped. A 24 year old man known as Walter Sykes, was quickly arrested, tried and executed. Local people believed Sykes was unfairly tried – that Amy's foster father, Arthur Collinson, was guilty of the unconscionable crime against the young, innocent girls. Over 100 years later, locals still question how an innocent man paid for the horrific crimes of another. The author meticulously examines everything for an answer tothe question – who was guilty? Walter Sykes? Arthur Collinson? Or was it someone else? Examine the evidence within the pages of The Abdy Farm Murders, and see what you think.

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"How strange are the coincidences which have harmed my family. It has been said that we must have an enemy who has done all this," so said the beguiling Grace Duff as members of her family died one by one. Was she right, or was the truth closer to home? Read this intriguing true crime mystery and decide for yourself.

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