Today's digital market has made it possible for everyone to self publish. It is why there are so many online book retailers. The quality of the paper, ink and editing varies when a book is completely self published . Some authors don't bother to check spelling or edit the manuscript for grammar or comprehension.

Amazon, Google, Barnes and Nobel, will also sell your manuscript as is, give it a hefty price tag, let you do all the marketing and only give you pennies on the dollar for every sale. They will bombard you with necessary “services,” each at an additional cost. By the time an author has a book ready for sale, they have spent at least $1,800.00 -$4,000.00, and still have to purchase their own book if they want a few copies to give away to Family and friends.

This also happens when using an unreliable publisher, or sketchy print on demand publisher such as Publish America.   Once an author is signed they are forced to change the title of their manuscripts. PA  pastes the  manuscript "as is"  into a generic book template, inserts a stock photo, assigns an ISBN, slaps on the new title, then upload it to their website and their online book selling sites, within Google Books, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and every online book venue they have an account with. The hefty price they charge guarantees's their profits  while  authors royalties are minuscule.  Authors are only given a  free printed copy of  their novel and a slight discount off of the retail price if additional copies are wanted.

Traditional Book Publishers and Printed Books, are not going to go away. The digital markets can only wish that to be true. Traditional Publishers do not accept author submissions nor help authors format or sell their book. They publish and print the books only.  Authors' Niche has combined every facet of of book publishing, under one roof. We personally help every Author selected for publication, for a one time fee that includes:

  • Internal Literary Agency

  • Manuscript Formatting and Editing

  • Cover and Page Layout and Design

  • Copyright through the  US Library of Congress Copyright Office (100 % Author Owned)

  • ISBN Numbers (Printed and digital formats)

  • Bar Codes

  • Printed Paperback books (Each with custom bookmark)

  • Print Ready manuscript file

  • Digital File for electronic readers

  • Unique Author Branding

  • Placement in major online book retailers

  • Custom Marketing Plan and press releases

  • Book Signings tutorial

  • Real Discounts on re-printings

There are a few necessary steps in becoming a truly published Author, with a book you can be proud to sell in any brick and mortar bookstore and on all the major online book retailers in both Digital and Printed format. If you want your manuscript published right, it doesn't happen overnight.                                                                                                                                                                     



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