Ferche Design Group’s goal is to promote in such a manner that your competition will envy. Our unique approach is unlike any other. Our techniques spotlight with a personal approach, unlike the standard, more traditional methods of marketing.

Our Services: Image, Design, Publishing and Branding Specialists

▪ Tailored Website Graphics ▪ Photo Editing

▪ Customized Internet Profile Pictures

▪ Image Building Marketing Tools and Strategies

▪ Newspapers ▪ Newsletters ▪ Traditional and Electronic


Our work can be very sensitive and that is why Ferche Design Group is always discrete with our client list and job portfolio's.  We will never mention our clients by name or use designs created for them as an example in any advertising on any platform or medium.

Ask about our Speciality Newspaper:  This unique promotional newspaper highlights unlike any other form of advertising. 

For more information and pricing email to :  ferchedesigngroup@yahoo.com    Subject:  Attn: Alex

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