MISSING LINK▪   Gets our Edge Award for an all audiences animated movie with an adventurous and comedic plot.              Featuring the cast voices of: Amrita Acharia ▪ Stephen Fry Hugh Jackman ▪ Matt Lucas Timothy Olyphant  Zoe Saldana ▪ Emma Thompson  David Walliams 

MISSING LINK  Written Directed by ▪ Chris Butler Produced by  Laika    Released  April 12, 2019 United Artists

FIVE FEET APART    Romantic drama at it's finest, although captures the serious nature of a common illness with unexpected complications as two young adults with cystic fibrosis, try develop a relationship although circumstance forces them to be apart. 


Haley Lu Richardson       Cole Sprouse

Written by  Mikki Daughtry Tobias Iaconis                Director  ▪ Justin Baldoni. Released  March 15, 2019 CBS Films


Starring  Wes Bentley Babou Ceesay   John Gallagher Jr.  Anne Heche  Taraji P. Henson  Bruce McGill

Sam Rockwell    Nick Searcy  Written /Directed by  Robin Bissell

Released ▪ April 5, 2019    by  STX

THE BEST OF ENEMIES is a film we predict will be less recognized by the industry, until the divisive chatter about it becomes loud. Hollywood seems intent on reviving the past's, shameful racism.

Viewers may not learn much more about the civil rights battle with the Ku Klux Klan, but was a well told portrayal of a past that is not reflective of today's evolved communities. However, of all of the movie's based on the Klan's violent injustices, and the culture of the New South; this literary work The Best of Enemies was based on the book written by Osha Gray Davidson and is worth the read and a viewing. Told with emotion and depicted very accurately by all the well chosen actors.

The Best of Enemies : Soon to be featured on  our exclusive bookshelf.