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Read the clues and lyrics. Then fill out and submit the entry form below with your selection of what the next lyrics are. The first correct answer submitted wins KTNL's  coveted Vibe Prize posted on their social media page(s). Prize Winners are also Post Noted with a special mention below.

1981 KTNL???

This one is difficult because anything I say would be giving you the answers. These artists began to catch the ears of America in 1971, CBS released their first collection of hits in Europe. This featured song was written by a fellow band member and first released in 1972. (This was prior to the addition of a well known female vocalist with the initials S.N.) In 1977, the song was re-recorded with the backing vocals of her and the original female vocalist with the initials (CM) and the song became a bigger hit.  This song was re-recorded a few times, the last time was in 2003, by a former member. This group has an arsenal of great music.

Song Lyrics: 

Sentimental gentle wind
Blowing through my life again
Sentimental lady Gentle one

Now you are here today
But easily you might just go away
Cause we live in a time . . . 



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KTNL #1951 2019 Vibe Prize Winner


Kudos to Angie from Tyler Town for sending the first correct answer.

 1961 KTNL?     ARTIST: Todd Rundgren      GROUP: Nazz       SONG TITLE: Hello it's Me      LYRIC:  (C) It's important to me


Todd Rundgren . . .

Hello It's Me


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