VINCE FISHER HAS EVERYTHING:   a successful business, an attractive new wife, a beautiful home on the lake. Life is good. Then he gets the phone call he's been dreading: he has been indicted for the murder of Donna Woods, a former girlfriend who was killed in a terrible shooting accident at Vince's home over a year ago .  .  . 

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IN 1977 JACKIE GEROUX ENTERED LAW SCHOOL  with one ambition--to become a criminal defense attorney, believing she'd be serving a noble purpose defending those whom the state sought to punish or incarcerate. After acting as a public defender for several years, she enters private practice with Noah Schepers, a been there, done that criminal defense attorney, witness to the good ol' boy legal system of St. Cloud, Minnesota, for forty years. In the first big case Noah gives Jackie, she must defend a man charged with a brutal rape, whom she feels is innocent. When the jury returns a guilty verdict .  .  . 
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MIKE WILLIAMS THIRTY YEARS a dutiful, low-budget public defender, received a letter that could mean millions. Just considering the grand opportunity couldn't possibly lead to deception, deceit, or multiple murders could it?

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